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How to Handle Contacts
database of contacts

Your business depends on a database of contacts. On HubSpot, a contacts database is the key component to all the other features of your account. This database will record information about the various people involved in your business interactions. Each interaction is individualized so that you know the status of the relationship. Most importantly, it […]

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The Top 6 Techniques for Sales Closings

The final closing is when a sale is made or broken. You need to use the proper phrases to ensure the deal is truly done and sealed. This is the time when you will see if your efforts paid off or not. As a salesperson, you may feel worried about closing because of the risk. […]

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How Simple Tools Can Drastically Increase B2B Sales Productivity
sales tools

You may think that your sales pipeline is already optimized, but unless you are using a variety of tools, there is definitely the potential for better productivity. There are simple tools available to help with every stage of the B2B sales process. “The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is […]

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