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Closer Bot wins 2018 Great User Experience Award and Rising Star Award for Sales Automation Software


We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved at Closer Bot in 2018 so far, and we want to share our accomplishments with you.

After FinancesOnline’s review experts closely inspected all Closer Bot features, we received their 2018 Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star Award from the highly reputed B2B software review platform.

Closer Bot review
We’re delighted to be added to the list of sales automation tools and platforms and to be able to compete with the most powerful competitors in our niche.

User satisfaction, with the score of 98%, and a FinancesOnline index of 8 out of 10 is the most precious feedback for us to understand that our efforts to improve business processes and increase sales revenue are successfully acknowledged.
In awarding Closer Bot the 2018 Great User Experience Award, FinancesOnline’s team of experts investigated and compared Closer Bot against its competitors regarding specific features:

1. The possibility of integrating with other systems and platforms
2. User-friendly interface
3.Smart workflow management
4.Automated process for controlling sales pipeline
5. Closer Bot’s focus on automated deals and closing management

We’re especially proud to have received these awards in our development history, but most importantly, winning the 2018 Great User Experience Award and Rising Star Award represents more proof that Closer Bot has great value for the B2B world and absolutely represents a new way to successfully manage outdated processes.


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