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Closer shares 5 tips to create an legendary B2B sales process

“The key to mastering any kind of sales is switching statements about you – how great you are, and what you do – to statements about them.” – Jeffrey Gitomer


All businesses have an aim to achieve maximum ROI, so B2B sales teams have to be equipped with the right tools to enable them to reach their goals and the right strategy has to be set. This is why sales and CRM apps are providing a great innovative way to keep businesses running productively.

CRM system integrated with the best sale tool or app can become one of the biggest productivity tools for the sales reps. It can save hours out of week to help manage and follow up on leads – you’ve probably heard about easy Hubspot updates through Slack, right? 

Nowadays sales people don’t have to set bounds of  already well-known basic sales methods, but go ahead and search for better and more productive things how to rationalize sales processes and get more benefits. Let’s have a look how the tech world and sales work together to bring us a new sales “fusion”.

1.Unleash the power of Slack

Everybody remembers what buzz appeared when Slack had been launched. And it’s worthily! Separated channels are more handy than long mails bunches.

Slack messaging platform allows to keep all the conversation in one place, which gives you better visibility. A user gets an opportunity to collaborate people into one chat according to the sphere of interests/jobs/duties.
One more point in favor of Slack is that there is a variety of bots that can be installed to simplify manual work.

2. Empower your sales team with the newest technologies

Every B2B sales company, regardless of size or industry, is feeling the pressure to upgrade its technology in order to stay competitive. Using new technologies means to be step forward to getting high level of productivity. What new tools to choose – depends on goals you set. considers saving time to be the treasure of all sales business, so the technologies a company uses have to satisfy this goal.

Business automatization – partial or complete transformation of stereotypic operations and business tasks under control of specialized software. As a result – employees are able to focus on productivity and effectivity of strategic management.

3. CRM systems rock

There are numbers of companies that still deny CRM implementation.  But CRM system – must have tool, if a company actively searches for new sales channels and gives sources for adverts — each lead is important. To “let leads go” because of poorly-organized sales processes and managers’ work — means letting your revenue vanish.

Every time your team interacts with customers and prospects, a CRM deals with organizing, tracking, and managing all of your customer and lead information, activities, and conversations. This helps your sales, marketing, and customer service teams better understand your customers. If you’re dealing with CRM tasks on daily basis – you’ll probably get interested in Slack and Hubspot Integration.

4.Polish your basics

Even sales gurus have space for improvement on their ways to get that legendary B2B sales process. Search for a way to improve your weaknesses, and set goals to force yourself to do the things you don’t like to do. Be more creative in your prospecting, fact finding, and presentation skills. Imagine the perfect sales person and compare yourself to the ideal.

5.Get the most of your day (no full stop)

See your goals. Focus on your goals. Do every activity for its importance and urgency. Create a perfect scheduled game plan, and test your actual time use against it daily. Organisation is key as without it you’ll only be unnecessarily wasting time. Remember, just one hour a day used more productively adds up to more than six extra weeks of productive time a year. In B2B sales the key to a good list is prioritising things correctly.

Having faced all foregoing challenges in B2B sales Closer has found a solution how to overcome all that stuff and get maximum from your sales proceeding. Inspired by rat-racing world the company wanted to create a thing that will save our time and help to focus on the most important – on sales. Now with we are literally closer to the most promising and successful deals.

Progressive B2B sales people never waste time on tedious tasks. They also never lose out on deals, mess up due to missed communication, or forget key details. Progressive sales people are closers. For this reason, they use Closer Bot. Closer Bot provides a huge competitive advantage to sales. It creates deals, sends notifications, and manages your pipeline via a simple-to-use chat interface. All this makes it significantly faster for you to manage deals. Plus, Closer Bot eliminates the need to learn complex CRM interfaces. It does all this by carrying out six main tasks.

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