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Create Deals Faster Using Closer Bot to Manage Sales Process Steps


Slack and Hubspot are two excellent tools for improving the sales process. Slack helps sales representatives collaborate as a team, keeping everyone on the same page. This improves visibility and enables you to close deals faster. When you add Hubspot into the mix, your team becomes more organized, which improves the management of sales and enables you to close more deals.

Despite their many functions, Slack and Hubspot are still lacking. For instance, they require you to carry out many processes manually, which is time consuming — not to mention tedious. The good news is that you can speed up several steps in the sales process when you use the Closer Bot tool.

Step 1: Create a Deal

With Closer Bot, you can create a deal in seconds within Slack. To get this, simply head to the Slack App Store, find Closer Bot, and click “Add to Slack.” Connect your Hubspot account by typing “/authorize” into the chat box. A button will appear that will allow you to connect your CRM account in just a few clicks.

Once Closer Bot is set up and integrated with Hubspot, you can create new deals at any time. Simply type “/create-deal” followed by the name of the client and the client’s email address.

Closer Bot: create a deal


Step 2: Add Customer Information

If you have a long sales funnel or a large number of leads, it’s particularly difficult to keep track of deals after creating them. To make matters worse, you have to log in to Hubspot every time you want to make even add any information to your contact.

Closer Bot eliminates this task — there is no need to access Hubspot at all. Instead, you simply use the chat feature in Slack to add information to a deal, including contact details and notes.

To do this, just type “/find” into the chat followed by the deal name. The deal you are looking for will instantly appear. You and other team members will be able to access the information at any time by searching for the deal.

When you use Closer Bot, your clients will notice a major difference in the customer service they receive. Sales reps will be better informed, leading to improved communication. Plus, there will be no breaks in the conversation as sales reps search for information or call a coworker.

Step 3: Update Statuses

Another thing you can do is update a deal status, again without signing in to Hubspot. This includes pushing deals that are not quite ready to close yet. Type “/start-closing” into chat and choose either one day, three days, one week, or one month.

Step 4: Close Deals

Finally, you can close deals on Slack literally on the go. Use the same “/start-closing” command to bring up the deal you want to close. It’s that easy. If another sales rep closes a deal, Closer Bot can inform the rest of the team through its event-based notifications. You can set up alerts to know immediately when any deal closes or just when a major deal closes. Then, your team can celebrate together.

If you’re already using Slack and Hubspot, you’re on the right track. However, you’re missing out on much more streamlined processes if you lack Closer Bot. Try 30 days for free to see just how much Closer Bot helps you manage your sales process. Once you purchase the Enterprise version with a one-time payment, you’ll have lifetime access to the full set of features to continue closing deals fast.