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Customer Success

Automate sales workflow build stronger relationship with customer

Increase Renewals

Get Slack notifications to highlight upcoming renewals. This will allow you to kickstart your re-engagement with the customer to maintain and grow the deal.

Identify account changes

Get an alert in Slack when accounts change which opens new expansion opportunities. This could be: the contact changes role, the clients product usage is low or they've shown interest in your new product/service.

Perfect Hand-overs enables a seamless transition between individuals. The account can be switched through Slack and then the CRM is automatically updated ensuring your customer service is not impacted.

Maintain long term customers will automate workflows and send you key account information through Slack allowing you to focus on engaging with your accounts at the right time so that you don't lose customers. You can spend time building strong relationships with your clients so that they become loyal, long term customers.

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