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How Simple Tools Can Drastically Increase B2B Sales Productivity

sales tools

You may think that your sales pipeline is already optimized, but unless you are using a variety of tools, there is definitely the potential for better productivity. There are simple tools available to help with every stage of the B2B sales process.

“The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance.”—Brian Tracy

HubSpot CRM

A CRM is an essential for any sales team. One of your best options is the HubSpot CRM, as it takes out much of the work involved in managing data. It also allows you to measure productivity for individual sales reps and your team as a whole, track deals, leave notes, and schedule followups. Best of all, many of the basic features are free, giving you a chance to try out the CRM before you decide if you want to buy.

Hubspot CRM

You can benefit from much of what HubSpot has to offer without even accessing the CRM. To do this, connect HubSpot on Slack with Once you’re set up, you can carry out many functions faster within the chat interface in Slack. For instance, you can create, find, and push deals all by typing a simple command. You can also receive customized notifications about deals, actions, and calendar events, check out analytics, and see a sales rep leader board.



With PhoneBurner, you can make more calls faster. By talking to a greater number of leads in a shorter time, you’ll be able to dismiss those that are unqualified and move on to those most likely to convert, ultimately increasing your total sales.


Plus, PhoneBurner allows you to use pre-recorded voicemails, allowing you to save your voice for leads who do pick up. The tool is available in two pricing options — unlimited or pay per call — making it affordable whatever your needs.




Creating duplicates of leads can cause confusion, even mistakes. The problem is especially pronounced if you work in a large team of sales representatives. DupeBlocker is effective at preventing duplicates in real time.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau desktop

It is impossible to make the right sales decisions if you lack the necessary data. Tableau Desktop uses a drag-and-drop method to help you analyze data from multiple sources. You can create attractive visualizations and interactive dashboards with charts, graphs, maps, and calendars. You’ll then be able to share your creations with others on both desktop and mobile devices.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re using LinkedIn for leads, LinkedIn Sales Navigator will make your life easier. It provides you with insights to learn about leads to improve targeting and engagement. For instance, the tool provides talking points for each potential customer to improve your chances of a conversion. Its connection with the LinkedIn platform means that the information for talking points is always up to date — in fact, many of these biographical details are unavailable elsewhere.



Outreach offers a wide range of features related to email tracking, sales automation, and otherwise enhancing workflows. As an example, when you create an email drip campaign, Outreach will take into consideration all the other tasks that go into your workflow. This is ideal for following up with inbound leads and improving your outbound efforts.



Qwilr saves you time and improves the quality of your sales quotes by providing you with easy-to-edit templates and cost blocks. With Qwilr, you can lose the sales documents and provide leads with interactive, mobile-friendly webpages instead. Your clients will find the information they want faster and you’ll see how they engage with content to continue your nurturing efforts.



Monitoring prices in the marketplace is highly useful, but it can be a challenge to handle the process manually. Competera carries out even the most complex tasks fast, reducing the risk of mistakes. You can then use the information to improve your own pricing, increase sales and ROI, and eliminate the need to check prices yourself with spreadsheets.

Choose just the tools that are likely to improve sales productivity for your business. You’ll undoubtedly need to include a CRM, but make sure that you also include tools that will improve your experience with the CRM — you want to reduce your workload, not increase it.