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Keeping a Pulse on B2B Sales Teams

“Quality performance starts with a positive attitude.” — Jeffrey Gitomer

Knowing where you stand in terms of sales and team performance is critical. One way to keep up to date is to review the sales statistics for each of your CRMs. A new way, though, is to use a messaging platform. If you want to streamline the sales process, improve productivity, and have a better idea of the performance of each individual team member, this second option is far better.

sales productivity

Using Intelligent Workflows for Productivity integrates with Hubspot and Slack to enhance your CRM and shorten processes. You can access all its features within the chat interface in Slack. Using simple commands, you can ask to carry out tasks, pull up information about deals, and send you reminders. When your whole sales team uses, you’ll stay on the same page.

Hubspot and Slack

For instance, will stop team members from forgetting about meetings and ensure that everyone arrives punctually and prepared. All this allows you to get down to business faster and prevent wasted time. You can even schedule new meetings through to boost productivity and increase sales you can read here.

Another thing does is organizes leads for you by most promising. This helps you focus your attention to the right place and close more deals with less work. This is especially important when you have a long sales funnel — which is the case for most B2B companies. There is always the risk that you’ll wasting time on a lead who is never going convert. filters out such leads, directing your team’s attention to more valuable deals.

Team Performance Review

Once you have your organizational and departmental goals formulated, it’s time to move on to the goals for individual team members. For the greatest impact, you should synchronize these goals with those for your overall company.

Team Performance

To achieve this, you’ll need to coordinate the activities and operations for all the units in your company. For instance, the marketing department needs to develop the most appropriate marketing mix to accomplish goals related to the satisfaction of customers.

To simplify the process, it is helpful to have somewhere to go to find all the information related to your progress and achievements. can fill this role. The tool can find you everything you need to know about the status of deals, the number of deals closed, how many deals are likely to close and when, and much more.

Furthermore, provides team performance reports, as well as performance reports for individual team members. You can see who is the most productive, who needs support (and with what), and how you can strive to make improvements. You’ll automatically receive reports at the end of every month, but you can also schedule them for whenever else you want them, such as if you need updates more frequently.

To gain all these benefits for yourself, try

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