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Always be up to date on your sales performance

Validate Sales Reps will send your sales statistics for all your sellers directly through Slack. So no more having to log into your CRM and you will be always up to date on performance.

Coach your team will notify you when there are changes to key deals. Then you can discuss the next steps with reps to help them progress and close more.

See pipeline movement

You will receive real-time accurate pipeline updates in a slack notification so team forecasting is more precise. Helping you more reliably predict your teams results.

Deal Status Updates will alert you on deal status across your team. This will enable you to better align resources based on deal needs and be quicker at realigning sellers to new opportunities when deals close as a win or a loss.

More effectively manage the business

As a manager time is of the essence and being able to stay informed on your teams performance can be difficult. Let take this pressure off you and save you more time by keeping an eye on your sales performance and alerting you, directly through Slack, to key information you need to be aware of, allowing you to act more effectively and exceed your sales targets.

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