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What Are the Biggest Pain Points For Sales People and How to Overcome Them?

Pain points for sales people

Have you ever think what the biggest pain points for sales people are?

The answer is: there are literally hundreds of pain points. As a sales manager, director or VP, you may occasionally struggle to determine what is stopping your salespeople from meeting your standards.

So, taking this under consideration, let’s talk about the most common sales challenges and how they can possible be overcome.

Administrative work

An abundance of administrative work can keep your salespeople from doing what they do best.

One study showed that salespeople only spend one-third of their work time actually selling. Twenty percent of their time is spent on CRM/administrative work/reporting.

It’s an extremely problematic question, because a lack of time customers can affect effective sales results.

One solution can be to find an administrative assistant to give a hand with administrative tasks. Even if you have to hire a new employee for this role, it could be worth the improved sales you may see as a result.

Another option is to rationalize the admin work process. For example, you can ask your salespeople which administrative tasks take up the most time and then implement software or use a tool to help them save time with those specific tasks. 

Closer’s tip: Now Slack and Hubspot integration is considered to be a key solution to streamline working processes. Slack is a digital workplace, that connects you to the people and tools you work with everyday. Tools like HubSpot. Hubspot and Slack integration makes it easy to include task details, task type, etc. Any task you create within Slack is automatically synced with your HubSpot CRM. If you still have any doubts about the necessity of CRM implementation – you can read here why CRM systems are that important for any kind of business. 

Unorganized processes

If salespeople are struggling with basic tasks, like entering and processing orders, they will do their best to work productively. That is why an essential task for you, is to regularly analyze the processes and systems in your sales department, in order to see where you can make improvements

Try to avoid certain processes or programs that disconcert or slow down your salespeople. If you figure out that there are, look for simplified solutions.

Lack of qualified leads

Sometime it happens that salespeople cannot identify qualified leads, and if so, then they will have a hard time selling. A qualified lead is much more likely to make a purchase, than a cold lead.

Shortage of relevant information

Usually salespeople face two troubles: lack of knowledge in sales, or lack of knowledge about the product or service they are selling.

When a salesperson does not get the necessary sales training – the sales outcome will suffer

He could be omitting a key part of the sales process, and might only require a bit of sales training in order to improve his results fundamentally.

Salespeople who do not understand the product/service they are selling will face difficulties how to sell it. They should understand all features the product has, and what benefits customers will get when using their product/service – so, that they can reveal those features and benefits to customers confidently.

Everything is individual for each company. Don’t ignore if results don’t conform to standards. Talk to your team and try to sort out what is making them struggle.

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