Scholarship Program for College Students

Scholarship for College and High School Students 2018 –

Closer Bot specializes in helping sales people focus on selling while automating any repetitive jobs including daily interactions with CRMs. Our company offers a smart chat interface for logging updates and notifications from current and potential customers via Slack. We also help B2B sales people to close more deals as fast as possible.

Why are we doing this?

Scholarship programs for college students are beneficial to all parties. We are honored to be offering a grant for high school students who have an interest in Tech Sales.

Who can apply?

In order to apply for the scholarship, candidates should have a high school level of education. This means we’re accepting applications from students who meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a legal resident of United States;
  • Candidates should be graduate students from a recognized public or private school;
  • Minimum SAT score of 1250 or an ACT score of 28;
  • Minimum GPA of 3.5;
  • Candidate could be a student with sales or marketing program in their curriculum.
  • Candidate has to show a passion for sales automation and customer relationship management;
  • Candidate has to complete the form before the stated deadline.

This grant is available to all educational institutions. Universities, colleges, and high schools all over the United States can provide the information about the grant for high school seniors and other qualifying candidates on their websites.

It is also accessible to individual students who are trying to find grants and get a scholarship for college. Our program is also suitable for such audience and can yield a lot of benefits for them.

How to apply for the scholarship?

The process for applying for this grant is very simple. All candidates are required to write an essay or make a pdf presentation on an important subject: “Current and future strategies for sales reps to achieve a top performance in tech sales.“

Candidates can apply for this scholarship by using the self-explanatory Closer Bot form. Make sure you type in the correct information and double check before submitting.

Closer Bot has the right to contact any educational institutions to confirm the qualifications you add to the application.

What is the deadline?

The scholarship program is being offered for a limited period of time. Students are urged to submit an application within the time period to be eligible for the scholarship.

Applications are open from September 1, 2018 to August 1, 2019. The winning application will be selected by August 15, 2019.

How will applications be reviewed?

Candidates will be evaluated based on their marks and the essay. We are looking for a candidate that is willing to show their passion for the career they are pursuing.

Essays will be assessed on the visual and technical understanding of the solution presented. The technique of execution will also be reviewed. We also encourage candidates to include any other qualifications they have with the application form.

The value of the scholarship we are offering to American college and high school students isf $1,170.

Send applications to [email protected]

Good luck!