Get regular updates on how your team’s sales are progressing

Let send you relevant team deal updates through Slack

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With you will:
  • Send you sales statistics without having to log into your CRM, so it’s quick and easy to see how your team is performing
  • Be reminded in real-time of pipeline updates in a Slack notification so team forecasting is more accurate
Update your CRM or write a follow-up in 3 clicks
Always have your latest team performance statistics at hand so you know what has to be done to get the best sales results.

Why is a good choice

Activity logging

Save your time by adding leads and updating any deal's status through your chat in Slack.

Closing more deals

Your leads notice a more personal approach when you use notes which found.

Intelligent workflows

Start with most promising deals - shows you who to focus on so you will close more leads.


Get reminders for getting back
to a lead or an appointment
coming up.

Team's performance review

At the end of each month, you will receive team analytics and reporting to see how everyone can improve.

Updating Hubspot through Slack

You don't need to log in to Hubspot each time you need to add or update information. works with almost any CRM

Hubspot integration

Salesforce integration

Zoho integration

MS Dynamics integration

Pipedrive integration integration

Streak integration

Agile integration

amoCRM integration

Apptivo integration

Copper integration

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Smart replies

Work with your deals in Slack, sorted by closing date /closer-start

Find, log an activity in Slack /closer-find

Smart notifications

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Enterprise Custom

Work with your deals in Slack with advanced lead scoring /closer-start

Find, log an activity in Slack /closer-find

Create a deal in Slack /closer-create

Setup notifications about deals /closer-notify

See who closes more deals /closer-leaderboard

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