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Nowadays there are some companies that still deny using CRM systems, but we  strongly believe that each business needs CRM.

Do you often feel that your sales department is not working as hard as you want them to? It is probably so if you don’t know:

  1. How many incoming calls and applications come every day, week or month;
  2. On what level of the sales process each client is;
  3. How many leads the manager has;
  4. When you usually lose clients;
  5.  How many prospects don’t convert into loyal clients and why.

Without exact tracking of the work of sales department, it’s impossible to estimate accurate productivity.

Each company, over time, realizes the importance of client tracking and deal management, and CRM systems deals with this task – business software, created to get sales under control, to automate business processes, increase clients’ loyalty and provide comfortable working conditions for managers. Choosing the most appropriate and suitable system is not as easy as it seems to be.

A CRM  allows the company to search for new sales channels actively and give sources for adverts – each lead is important.

“To let leads go” because of a poorly-organized sales processes and managers’ work – means to let your budget vanish. It literally helps to overcome major of pain points for salespeople

Closer company considers CRM to be an essential part of small business as well as for large ones. Our preference is Hubspot CRM for its user-friendly interface and easy -organized system.

Hubspot CRM is about seeing leads in one place, providing a full suite of sales productivity tools that sync up with inbox and make every part of selling easier. Closer Bot connects Hubspot and Slack together. Hubspot and Slack Integration is a solution for the most effective sales processes and marketing. The sales bot helps to get more benefits from this “tech fusion”.

With it, you are getting:

  1. Ability for activity logging.
  2. Chances for closing more deals in Slack.
  3. Intelligent workflows.
  4.  Function to get notifications.
  5. Team’s performance review.
  6. Ability for updating Hubspot through Slack.

Closer’s conclusions

CRM system – a modern effective tool, which helps to enter a new level and gain the upper hand. What CRM system you choose depends on the tasks and goals of a certain type of business. You have to be responsible while implementing a CRM and firstly prepare your team for that. To increase productivity at work and to set leader’s positions, it makes sense to start with business – workflows optimization; otherwise, no CRM could help.

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